Thursday, 14 March 2013

Further work on Measurements Framework

I've spent a bit more time and adding more measurement tools that should be quite useful now for querying geometric properties of FreeCAD objects. This now includes measuring the
  • total length of selected edges
  • shortest distance between point and edge
  • shortest distance between point and face
  • radius of an arc or circle

Also now we can calculate the centre of mass for a selection of objects in a straightforward manner:

Fundamentally these were quite easy to calculate as they are provided by Open Cascade essentially for free and therefore it hasn't been very difficult to implement this.

Since the essential functionality is already there, the next step is to integrate this with the Drawing Module. This should hopefully be the start a dimensioning tool!

Hopefully I can push this onto Git for people to try during the weekend.

In slightly unrelated news to FreeCAD: I have finally received some funding for an interesting expedition that I will be attempting once finished University in June. Under this premise I do hope to continue working on FreeCAD as I will still be in civilisation and should have enough time to make smaller contributions and experiments that may be useful. It would be interesting to see if it would be possible to develop this on the go. Anyway we will have to see!