Saturday, 9 March 2013

First signs of measuring

I spent last night putting something rudimentary together for this Measurement module to see how it will work. Surprisingly, I was up till 1:30AM probably because of a sugar high brought on by making chocolate cake last night. Nevertheless I was up bright and early to finish off my work from last night, and already we are bearing results:

Below 'Import Measure' are the commands used for making a measurement, hopefully it seems quite logical:

The output works correctly and fortunately when the geometry in the FreeCAD object does change, taking a new measurement does indeed return the correct result.

My only concern at the minute is whether it seems a good idea to bundle so many different measurements together in one package, even if the correct mode can be chosen and when the selection is incorrect an error is politely thrown to the user.

I guess in reality, this is more of a convenience solution to provide parametric measurement for most important measurements that both the user and in the case of Drawing Module may need.

What are people's thoughts?

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